Charity Fraud: Five common types & how to prevent them

Charities of all shapes and sizes can fall victim to different kinds of fraud, and various new methods are cropping up continuously. Don’t be a victim of charity fraud- prevent the danger.

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Managing risk: Bonfires & Firework displays

Bonfires and firework displays are universally popular and often ensure a successful fundraising event. However, fireworks are explosive and incendiary devices burning at high temperatures which have the potential to cause damage and serious injury. Follow our guidelines to successfully manage the risk of bonfires and firework displays.

Lead the way: Impending environmental changes

In 2018 we are doing more than ever before to alleviate stress on our environment, regardless, environmental agencies and campaigners argue enough is still not being done. Here are the leading environmental changes in the pipeline.

Insuring a charity fundraising event

Many charities rely on fundraising events to survive, the problem is, if something goes wrong it could be the charity that will be liable for any damages or injury sustained. Not however, with suitable insurance!