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      Organising a charity event?

      Organising a charity event or fundraiser is stressful enough without having to worry about something going wrong.

      Thankfully there are plenty of steps that you can take to reduce the risk of having to cancel your event, but as is always the case, problems can occur from nowhere, and are sometimes beyond our control. At ThirdSectorProtect we appreciate the devastation that occurs when cancelling an event, that’s why we offer event cancellation cover which can protect you against the irrecoverable costs and expenses that may occur as a result of a cancelled event.

      Event cancellation insurance compensates for any financial loss following cancellation, disruption, postponement or relocation of an event for reasons out of your control.

      Event Cancellation Insurance - Available Covers
      • Adverse weather
      • National mourning
      • Closure of crucial transport link
      • Terrorism
      • Strikes or labour disputes
      • Non-attendance of celebrity / guest
      • Delayed building work
      • Personal bereavement

      *Please note, in light of the ongoing global health crisis, we will not be able to offer cover for contagious diseases.*

      Save time and money with a multiple events policy

      A multiple events insurance policy provides you with the flexibility of cover for each individual event under one straightforward policy.

      If your insuring multiple events from different locations over the course of the year it can be time consuming and costly to insure each of these individually. Fortunately, a multiple events insurance policy provides you with the flexibility of cover for each individual event under one straightforward premium.

      Whatever the nature of your event, there are covers available to suit your needs. From basic covers such as public liability and employers liability to more specialist risks such as equipment used at the event.

      Charity Event Cancellation Insurance FAQ's
      How close to the event can I arrange cover?
      Its always the best idea to arrange insurance for your event as early as possible to ensure the best value for money. All circumstances that exist at the time the policy is taken out are excluded, so the later the purchase the more likely a disruption will be excluded. 

      In addition it’s not usually possible to arrange adverse weather cover less than 2 weeks prior to the start of the event.

      Why might charities need event cancellation insurance?
      As with every not-for-profit, every charity event is different. Unique risks such as quantity of attendees, whether the event takes place indoors or outdoors and whether the atmosphere is lively or intimate will affect the cover you need. If you think you could benefit from an event cancellation policy, get in touch with the ThirdSectorProtect experts to see how we can help you. 
      Charity Event Cancellation Insurance Claims Examples
      A major charity fundraising event was scheduled for the summer but a period of extreme weather left the venue unsafe for participants to attend. The day before the event was due to start, it was cancelled. 
      The charity had extensive event cancellation insurance cover in place and was covered for the costs and expenses as well as the expected profit that would have been generated from the event.
      A fundraising conference due to be held overseas had to be postponed due to the outbreak of an infectious disease. 
      With a charity event cancellation policy in place the insurer paid the unrecoverable costs as well as the expenses incurred rescheduling the event to another time. 
      A charity event incurred additional expenses after heavy rain required additional transport for service users.
      The insurer reimbursed the insured for the extra expenses incurred due to the heavy rain.

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