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      As a charitable organisation, your priorities are raising funds, increasing awareness and helping the people you work with.

      Though your resources are precious, ensuring you have the right levels of cover within your charity insurance is key to keeping your charity functioning. Despite having the best of intentions, charities can still be held liable for claims made against them by employees, members of the public or related organisations.  If someone gets hurt during one of your events, or you issue advice which causes detriment to someone, the legal fees associated with defending the claim could turn out to be costly.

      Whatever the size or aims of your charity, we’ll work to find a solution which protects your assets, volunteers, trustees and operations from unexpected costs. We’ll talk you through your legal requirements in terms of key areas including Employers’ Liability.

      We’ll work with you to determine the best cover for your charity based on your budget and operations. Cover can include:
      • Employers’ liability
      • Public liability
      • Loss of keys
      • Tools and equipment
      • Event insurance
      • Cyber protection
      • Legal fees
      • Trustees indemnity
      Specialist insurance support

      Our friendly advisers will undertake a comprehensive review of your risks, explaining all the options available to you and tailoring affordable cover around your objectives. And at all times, we’ll keep things simple and answer any questions you may have.

      We understand that you may not necessarily know what cover you need so we’ll use our expertise to discuss your options and make recommendations based on what’s best for your charity.

      For any trustees worried about claims made against them, we will talk you through your options with Trustees Indemnity cover, which saves you having to personally foot the bill in the event of a liability claim.

      Charity Insurance FAQ's
      We’re starting up a charity, what insurance will we need?
      The cover you’ll require will largely depend on the type and nature of the charity you are starting up. It’s likely that you’ll require cover for your premises and assets, employers liability & public liability. If your activities include giving advice or consultancy then you may benefit from a professional indemnity policy. In addition to the covers above, it’s advisable to consider trustees indemnity to protect your charity trustees from any personal liability. 
      What level of public liability should we take out?
      For the large majority of charities, public liability is sold for a limit of £1,000,000 or £2,000,000 on any one occurrence. There are however instances when a large limit would be required, this is usually in relation to the organisations turnover. 
      How can we pay for our insurance?
      At ThirdSectorProtect we have a multitude of ways to pay. We can accept payment via cheque, credit / debit card, direct debit or bank transfer (BACS). 

      *Payment via direct debit may incur an interest fee*

      Do you provide cover for motor vehicles?
      If your organisation owns or leases any motor vehicles then motor insurance is a legal requirement. We can cover any legal age, mileage or driver. 
      Are you able to offer cover for buildings or contents that we want protected?
      If you are legally responsible for a building, or assets within a building you can insure these with material damage cover.
      Charity Insurance Claims Examples
      The charity trustees are facing legal action for defamation by a charity with similar objectives, the claimant stated that points made in the article were untrue and gave a false representation of the charity. 
      In this instance a trustees indemnity policy would cover the costs associated with defending and/or settling the claim.
      A care charity took on a worker from an agency without checking the appropriate training had been completed by the worker. The worker negligently injured a service user bringing about a claim against the charity for breach of professional duty. 
      With a professional indemnity policy in place the charity would be covered for the costs generated defending/ settling the claim.
      A volunteer was accidentally injured when the charity’s minibus door closed on their hand causing cuts and bruises. 
      In many instances employers liability can extend to include volunteers. If employers liability was in place for this charity any medical costs incurred by the volunteer would be covered by the insurer.

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