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Many modern charities rely on technology and data for the day to day running of their organisations.

The trouble is, these advancements in technology bring with them a whole host of new and evolving risks. From external threats to internal errors, there are many factors that could result in your charity grinding quickly to a halt. Whether it be a human mistake within your team, a virus in your network or a hacker on a mission to bring down your website, there’s an increasingly large number of ways for your charity to end up in a tricky situation with the media spotlight looming.

Until recently, not-for-profits felt like they were exempt from these kinds of attacks, unfortunately this couldn’t be further from the truth with over 22% of UK charities reporting being attacked in 2019 alone. Worse still is the average annual cost after a breach which for UK charities stands at a eye-watering ¬£9,740.

What can we do?! I hear you ask…

Well thankfully Charity Cyber Insurance is available to all UK charities or not-for-profits meaning you can get peace of mind that your organisation is protected even in the event of an attack.

Charity Cyber Covers We Can Provide
  • Privacy and data breach cover
  • Network security claims cover
  • Media liability claims cover
  • Regulatory costs cover
  • Notification costs
  • Business interruption and restoration costs cover
  • Response Costs
  • Hacker theft cover
  • Cyber extortion cover
  • E-payments
  • Crisis communication cover
  • Consultant services cover
Cyber Risk Insurance - Claims Examples


IssueA volunteer or employee mistakenly sends money to a fraudster pretending to be from a trusted organisation using a fake invoice.
SolutionWith social engineering cover, the charity or not-for-profit would be reimbursed for the loss resulting from the transaction.

Email Scam / Phishing

IssueA hacker discovers vulnerabilities in your day-to-day computer software and blocks access. The hacker demands a ransom in order to give back control.
SolutionA cyber extortion threat expenses policy will reimburse you for extortion payments and extortion expenses arising from any 3rd part illegal demand for payment.


IssueAn employee within your organisation clicks a malicious link included within an email, the link contains malware designed to delete data and your organisations system suffers extensive damage.
SolutionWith computer hardware damage cost cover you will be reimbursed for the replacement costs of any hardware that has been damaged, destroyed or altered during a malicious attack.

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