Heel & Toe charity

Heel & Toe Charity Donation

NC Insurance is pleased to announce a further donation to the Children’s Charity, Heel & Toe, for £451.20. This latest donation takes the amount raised for the Heel & Toe charity by NC Insurance staff to over £2,500.

Mark Burdett, Sales & Marketing Director of NC Insurance had this to say about Heel & Toe:

“We are extremely proud to be Heel & Toe’s charity insurance broker as many of our staff have seen at first hand the work they do and Doug, Jane, Amanda and the rest of the staff at Heel & Toe can be immensly proud of what they are doing.

This means that whilst Heel & Toe aren’t our official charity of the year for 2014/15, we still do whatever we can to raise awareness and funds. I know they’ll put this latest donation to good use and as ever, wish them continued success in providing free Conductive Education therapy to children with Celebral Palsy and other physical disabilities.”

For further information about Heel & Toe, visit https://www.heelandtoe.org.uk/