Church Fundraisers- A fresh new way to raise money

No matter the size of your church, you can always make a huge impact on your community with church fundraisers.

Church Fundraisers

Raising money to improve your church, support local projects and contribute to larger charitable organisations can take a lot of work, although that’s not to say you can’t have fun doing it. We take a look at some fresh new ways for you to raise money for your church.

Get crafty
Why not ask creative members of your church to commit an hour or so a week to running a crafty class and either asking for a donation, or charging a small fee to attendees? This could be anything from watercolour classes to cake decorating or writing short stories. You may be surprised at the range of people interested and this is a great way to ensure a steady stream of donations week on week. You could even reach out to local artists to run one-off events.

Church Fundraisers

Give it up!
Holding a ‘Give it up’ initiative can enable church members to donate regularly without having a big impact on their bank balance. It works by asking them to think of something they buy or consume daily that they don’t necessarily need and giving it up for a month. This could be anything from a Starbucks coffee to a short-journey bus ticket. They would then donate the money they save to the church. Not only is this an effective church fundraisers technique, but it also helps raise awareness of the difference that small changes can make.

Encourage your church to donate an item to an auction, as well as reaching out to local shop owners and small businesses, including cafes and hairdressers. You can then promote the event and either hire an auctioneer or recruit a willing member of your church. If you have any digital whizz-kids in your church, you could advertise the items online before the day itself or create a paper brochure to hand-out in advance.

Treasure hunt
With a bit of time, preparation and creativity, you could organise a treasure hunt that takes participants across the entire town. Encourage local schools to sign up in advance in small teams for a small donation and then get to work. Not only will it help to raise money, but it should also get people talking and gives you a good chance to talk to families about the work you do.

Host a pet day
Everyone loves their pets and equally love sharing anecdotes about their cheeky, fluffy, feathered or scaly friends. Set up a fun, social gathering where the community can bring down their pets. You can raise funds by providing food and drink not only for the human guests but also for the pets. Have a go at making ‘pup-cakes’, tasty dog-friendly cupcakes, along with other animal-safe snacks. You can even set up a donation kiosk onsite to encourage attendees to give a little extra.

Church Fundraisers

At ThirdSectorProtect we’re on hand if you need to check your church fundraisers and ideas are still insured under your current church policy and can recommend any temporary amendments if they aren’t. Call us on 0191 482 1219.

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